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I'm Feeling Blue...

2009-07-20 13:22:06 by MagicalSarai

Anyone who knows me (which I'm hoping some people on Newgrounds will get to) they will tell you that I'm a "red" person.

I've had red hair naturally my whole life, and I'm not talking that orange colored hair that the sodding irish try to bum off as red! I'm talking about deep, flowing auburn hair. I've been proud of my hair; I take care of it... but for some reason last night--on a whim--I dyed it.

I've recently just recovered from pink-eye, and in celebration of my returned sight... I had a few friends over. The five of us drank a little... partied... we watched corny movies... and we started getting really goofy (girls will do that). Anyhow, my "red" personality took on a drastic change after about three tuaca bombs. I really got attracted to this dark blue color. It looks dark, almost black in normal light... but when hit with sunlight, or florescent light... you see veins of sapphire all in it. It's fan-fabulous! Practically amazing!

So I painted my nails. They are normally clear, or crimson red, but not anymore. They are dark, dark blue. But it didn't stop there. No... I was tipsy... very happy... and I started digging through my closet. Guess what I found! Blue-black hair dye!! It does the same thing to you hair that the polish did to my nails!! So now, rather than being as six foot tall... stiletto wearing, tanned... auburn haired... amazon--I look like a tanned, british version of wonder woman. It's rather odd looking at myself in the mirror. I'm not used to it yet... and it's going to take years for my hair to go back to normal. At least I still look good!

It's odd... hair dye affects your brain. Blonde dye will make even the smartest person do stupid things. Red dye makes a person crazy. Brown will make you superficial, vain, narcisistic... self absorbed.... but I have to say that the black dye makes you smart. My new found smart cells are telling me that I was quite the idiot. Sigh... this will take forever to sink in.

Until next time!

So about three days ago I developed pink-eye, also known as viral conjunctivitis, in both eyes. Let me tell you this one little thing first: it's not any fun. Even if you don't wear contacts... not any fun.

Me? I've been blind as a bat ever since I was four... so contacts have not only saved my beauty, but my sanity. I used to own glasses back in the day, but they invented these lovely disposable contacts... and I was all ready to forget about glasses. 8 years pass and I've never had a need for glasses... until now. You can't wear contacts with pink eye, it's basically asking the infection to take up residency! So I've spend the past three days without the ability to see... and I've learned this:

1. you cannot play the xbox 360 blind, even if you own a 62 inch plasma tv.
2. When you try to play on a 62 inch tv and your nose is in the middle of it... you can't see anything!
3. Laptops may be portable... but don't forget where you put them.
4. Stepping on a laptop will not break it.
5. When someone moves something after you set it down... finding it is a hella difficult!
6. Do not try and take a shower when you cannot see.... it's hard to find the right beauty products.
7. Nare and Shampoo should not have the same bottle colorings.
8. IF you wash nare out in under 2 minutes... you will not lose your hair.
9. Do not try to walk around in four inch heels when you are blind... balance is not everything.
10. When in doubt... just lay down and hate the world. It'll make you feel better