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Entry #32

Where have I been?

2009-10-21 16:45:19 by MagicalSarai

That is a good question my wondering readers (do I even have any?)

I have been around the place... and that place is called life. I've been to a Renaissance Fair where I was dressed like a wood nymph with tattered clothes and vines painted over every inch of my body. I have been to the forest... where I attempted to finish my novel, but rather succeeded in blowing up my computer (literally) to where I lost everything saved on it. I slipped into a bout of anger where I spent my time furiously clubbing and drinking away my despair.

I pulled myself up out of this pit and found myself in a very awkward relationship with my neighbor... we are still trying to figure this out, but I'm having fun. I've started writing again.

I used my Xbox 360 as a means of therapy... my gamerscore has seen a two thousand point increase in about 40 days. For me that is a great leap. I've played so many games that I will probably be reviewing them from now until oblivion! (not the game, but actual armageddon... I did play the game though)

I have suffered, I have lived... I have lied and I forgived (how'd you like that bit of prose?)

The main point of it all is that I found myself to be tired of life... not in any vain or suicidal way, but that I felt... UNFULFILLED. I have so much left to do in this world and I feel that there is so much left to give that I just... didn't see anything but a black hole beginning to swallow me. There is more to life than my frivilous nature, unfortunately I felt I'd caught my mistake too late...

Perhaps I did? We'll never know, but I like the track my life is on now... it's going good again.

So to all of you I say hellow once again!


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2009-10-21 17:09:49

Sounds interesting. I hope you find what you are looking for out there in the world.

Enjoy life.


2009-10-21 20:44:15

a wood nymph you say?

a red headed wood nymph...

that has fantastic naughtiness written all over it and that is just lovely

and who says dreams don't come true? (I know one of them has)

wow a Renaissance fair that's really neat, I have always wanted to go to one but again that's one of those words that triggers the red necks in my town

the only period re-enactments around here are Civil War battles, which are usually pretty cool but highly redneck;they aren't so bad though, most of the history professors and geography teachers run them and they usually do a good job

I used to be in a school club that replicated mediaeval battles (period spelling)

I was president of the club for three years, or if you have lived a life with perspective I was "King Nerd" for three years

you blew up your computer!

I must know more details about it that way we can "co-miserate" about computer problems or you can look at my latest post which tells most of it in a nutshell

I didn't know you had an Xbox 360, you are pretty hip for an Englishwoman

I have a theory about your unfulfilled desires but I will share this with you privately

please send me detailed PM at your discretion

make sure to fill it with genuine tales of bold adventure


2010-10-14 15:14:42

Ashley Robbins.