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Getting Bored....

2009-09-15 17:32:20 by MagicalSarai

You know that life has become boring... when you are capable of predicting everything that is to come. Yes... when you know how something is going to turn out: before you actually try to do said something... then you just want it to change for the heck of it--because that will be more fun than the known outcome.

Take a new guy for an example. It's is very boring when you know how he is going to react. You know that you'll get his number... you know that he'll call... you know that he'll try to set up a date. It's just the way things work. So, in an effort I try to change the game. I swap numbers with him and I decide to call him first. Just something short and simple... and make plans for later in the week. But even then... I know what to expect. He will be unenthused and unresponsive... because you took away his man power and then pushed him off and made him wait.

Which makes him completely boring to talk to for the next few days... it absolutely sucks!! SUCKS!! Because then you know that you're going to be annoyed at him, which makes you angry... which inturn makes you want to just get everything over with immeadiately... and that isn't fair to him. BUT! You say to yourself... "You know how this is going to play out... Does he really have a chance?" And of course the answer is no... no one has had a chance for a very long time... because when you've done it all, a man, who falls into the "done it" category, just starts off penalized and with a severe handicap needed...

I'm looking to get unbored and it's not happening. I think it's time to start looking into new things... perhaps ice fishing or lesbianism.... yeah... one of those two.

Word of the day: ThunderWhore: when your skankiness is so apparent that is appalls more than just one of the six senses...


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2009-09-15 17:48:16

ice fishing sounds interesting. somewhat actually.

MagicalSarai responds:

I'm thinking that's going to be the one I pick... XP


2009-09-15 18:28:05

roflmao thunderwhore lol!!! ice fishing sounds dangerous. sounds like fun to me =D

MagicalSarai responds:

Glad I made you laugh... and yes... ice fishing does sound rather intriguing...


2009-09-23 16:44:12

like ur picture ;)