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Thoughts in my brain...

2009-09-04 16:22:01 by MagicalSarai

So I've been thinking... it's a wild thought, but I like telling stories, but some weeks I just don't have anything worth talking about. I like to try and at least post something here twice a week, but I like them to be long and worthwhile.... So I've been wondering, and I want your opinions, if I should maybe post the story I've been writing?

I really like to write, my only problem is that I thrive on opinions from other people. When no one comments or gives feedback... I get discouraged and just don't feel like writing. I'm weird.

So I've got several stories I can put up here in little snippets. Some are star wars based, several are original... just give me your thoughts. I might write something entirely original... like Maniacle Writing Mondays where I write a small 700 word piece. We'll just have to see.

Well I'm off for the day, and that means the weekend starts. I'm looking forward to having a quiet, calm, relaxing... what the hell am I talking about? I'm going to party tonight so I've got to get ready!! Enjoy your weekend people!


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2009-09-07 21:08:10

Yay Story time!

some people say its conflict that defines us as a species

I tend to agree with that to a degree

but what you feel and what others feel is the conflict in this situation

I enjoyed my weekend, I went to my fathers, he had a BBQ

an actual BBQ with a smoker and some pork and other sides

people often confuse grilling and BBQ

BBQ is slow and low, grilling is hot and fast (not sex, food)

I tried a new beer but I didn't like it, it was this micro brew from a state adjacent to mine, but I was proud for trying new things

you are a very pleasant person and I will quest to provide you with more "feedback"

but with my recent developments that may not be possible

you will understand more if you see my latest post


2009-09-11 22:36:40

Hey. Sorry I haven't been on. I've been so busy with RL. I filled out a bunch of applications... And every place I tried to apply to so far has rejected me! I don't get it, is it because I was born out of state? Do they shun my GED and think I"ll overthrow them or something? What? Man, I wish I had money, then I could buy a house and shit like that! I kinda need to.

MagicalSarai responds:

The problem is presentation... without knowing what they want... you can't prepare and employers tend to judge before you even arrive for the interview.... it sucks