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My Gamer Sense is Tingling...

2009-09-01 17:35:38 by MagicalSarai

Dragon Age: Origins....

Yeah, the name sounds pretty good, hell the entire game concept sounds very good... my only problem? I can't find enough information out about the game to make an accurate decision. Everything about it is very HUSH HUSH. People have gotten to play it, but not much of it... current thoughts are mixed. Here's what I've been able to piece together:

It's a bloody RPG! In both the British and graphic sense of the word... lots of blood. Now that's a plus in my game if it is 1) realistic and 2) not just thrown in as a laugh factor (like painting the screen with blood from one person... come one mortal combat... enough already). I like violent games... they help relieve boredom and stress and they give me adrenaline.

It's an RPG! I mentioned this, I know... but I love RPG's... top type of game for me. I like Knights of the Old Republic, I like Final Fantasy... I own so many RPG's/games with RPG elements that it isn't funny (infinite undiscovery is awesome... so is tales of symphonia and Last remanent)... but I won't touch games like WOW. I don't play well with others... so this game looks massive and promises to hold true to RPG style... which is good.

Made by BioWare... heh... that's a good sign no? They created KOTOR... they are the best in the biz.

No real-time action... I don't know how they are going to pull this one off. No one seems keen on explaining it. GamesRadar said it was fun... and was fast paced... but they also mentioned Dungeons & Dragons... which makes me wary. I don't wanna feel like a Dungeon Master. I wanna hack things... I want to feel like a sith lord spewing lightning down upon pathetic little peons... who were stupid enough to cross me.

Characters... what look to be predesigned. Uh uh... I like my Elder Scrolls game... I get to make myself if I want to, or I can create a six foot tall, walking, black lizard... I wanna make my character. They won't explain if that is possible or not... which makes me think that it isn't. I need some confirmation here BioWare. MassEffect was fun, but that was because I could make what the main character looked like to a fairly nice degree. I don't care if the story is amazing!! I want it to be revolved around my character, not yours... not if I'm going to put hours and hours into something that yields no other reward besides sleep deprivation!!

It sounds like a 50-50 shot at the moment. I'm keeping my eyes open... Arkham Asylum was amazing and I had some doubts. I guess I'll have to see, but whether I spend my money on this game or not... that hasn't been decided.


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2009-09-03 21:16:54

KOTOR for the win!!!

that is by far one of the best RPG's ever

oh and the twist at the end!

I am normally pretty good at predicting things like that but


that completely blindsided me

now when you say Elder Scrolls do you mean Morrowind?

(crosses fingers)

if I find a female human that likes Morrowind I am not letting her go

Mass Effect was excellent also

I am wary of the second one though

they say if you keep your saved data it carries over to the next game

functions like that almost never work

they either
-give players an unfair advantage
-don't work at all
-only apply to game background or dialogue options

my guess is they will do the third choice

do you remember "the Legend of Dragoon" ?

that's a very good RPG most people haven't played

MagicalSarai responds:

Um... never played Legend of Dragoon. Heard of it, but never played. As for Elder Scrolls... I'm a 360 gamer, started with Oblivion and bought Morrowind afterwards... have to say that I like Oblivion better. That's my preference.

As of Mass Effect 2? I trust in the developer... so never fear there.

As for KOTOR... I'm looking forward to the MMO. TOR is going to be beyond fantastic!!