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Halloween... drunk people... and musicals, oh my!

2009-08-31 10:09:10 by MagicalSarai

So I've seen Halloween 2... it was fairly good... better than the original Halloween 2 (in my opinion) but it will never be better than the first Halloween. It's gorey, hack and slash, and has little for the merit of a review... except go see people decapitated and murdered!! GO!! Once scene has Michael Myers stab this woman and her neck is all tore the hell up... she's ganked!! And I turn to my friend and say, "Do you think she'll be alright?" The theater died for some reason... laughter everywhere, which is why I watch horror movies: I like to laugh. I. Like. To. See. People. Killed.

Plain and simple....

After that friends and I hit up a club this weekend, I was able to get all the dancing out of my system while they were able to get sloshed! It was hilarious having to get them all to the car... and they wanted to go back to my place. I don't really mind... and they wanted to watch a good movie; I REALLY didn't care. Drunk people make me laugh. So they piled in and we headed to go watch REPO! the Genetic Opera!

Now if you haven't seen it... go rent it. Don't have any expectations for this movie... just watch it. It's quite interesting how it was done. 92% of the movie is sung... it is an opera after all, but it's not what you think. It has a hilarious moment where Paris Hilton loses her face... yeah, I know, go watch it just for that!

All in all it was a typical weekend.... good to be back in working society.


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2009-08-31 10:17:01

don't forget a group your in fell apart at the seems...

MagicalSarai responds:

yes, well... you're still here, and that's all that matters to me, boya!