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The "fuck off and die" smirk of doom!

2009-08-25 16:10:33 by MagicalSarai

Ok... so I like chicken tenders... especially when they come from a certain restaurant right down the road from where I work. I haven't been there in ages (because of a certain reason explained later) and when my co-woker said, "Hey, lets go get some!" I was all to happy to agree. It wasn't until we were pulling into the restaurant that I rememed why I hadn't been there in so long--one of my ex's was the manager there. I did not know it at the time I was dating him, and I didn't learn it until after we had dated for several weeks... but the fact remained that he had been completely childish about the break up (he deleted my number, didn't talk to me about it, and deleted all of our mutual friends from his myspace... I don't own a myspace so I guess he was coping?)... so I haven't talked to him in awhile.

In fact I didn't know whether or not he still worked there, but upon arriving at the parking lot... I saw his vehicle and knew deep in my bones that this would be annoying. I was even offered an out, my co-worker understanding... but I was not letting him stand between me and my chicken... that glorious fried goodness that I eat without remorse.

So I walk in and he's manning the cash register. He sees me... oh we make eye contact... and he immediately turns around and walks into the back of the restaurant... leaving me to be waited on by someone else. A fucking wonderful way to start my meal. We order, pay, and take a table... at which time he comes back out and continues playing "The I can't see you" game... which just is childish and my co-worker and I can't help but laugh about it. Finally I go to get our food and I stand up at the counter until he looks at me; I then smile and wave kindly... i say hi...

And he smirks...

Not a funny smirk, but that vicious asshole smirk that says: "FUCK OFF AND DIE *added explitive*!!"

I was furious, but then he vanishes into the backroom, taking my appitite with him. I'm fuming, my co-worker knows that I have no problem with barging into the back of the restaurant, punching him in his balls, and then walking back out... so she immediately starts railing him... which was pretty funny. My mood then picked up when I noticed that he had snuck out the back of the restaurant in order to go smoke next to the side of the restaurant and "inconspicuously" spy on me through the window. It was childish and I was way more mature than he...

At that moment, two friends of his whom I had met and stayed in contact with... even after the break-up... they walk in and are at the cashier. I go up to them; I say hi. The three of us are talking and he comes through the side door and motions to them... and what do they do? They completely ignore me like I'm a freaking lepper!!! They all go outside and stare at me through the window... further fueling my anger. I'm pissed, but I want to eat now... so I devour my meal; my co-worker has no words for the childishness.

Finally the ex seats the two assholes and brings them free food; he stands there talking to them in the restaurant rather than working... so I'm making my mind up that I'm going to show the world how immature this bastard really is. We are ready to leave and I walk over and this is how the conversation goes:

"Well I just wanted to tell you both good-bye, and say that it was nice to see you again," I smile to all of them and turn to my ex, "And it's good to see you too, nice to know you're not dead--seeing as how you've stopped talking to me."

He gives me the smirk... again! His friends nod politely and say good-bye.

I walk a few steps towards the door before turning around again, "Oh... and by the way *ex's name*, you've mastered the bitchy "fuck off" smirk rather well!"

"You're deserving of it," he snaps.

"I taught him well," his friend to the right says... she's a hot mess, but she's pretty when she doesn't try to be. Odd combination... but most of the time she looks like a glorified drag queen... especially last night.

I nodded with a bemused smile, "Well... if you ever decided to actually talk to me again," I look him in the eye, "You can call me--wait, you don't have my number."

"Yep," he smirks again, "And you don't have mine."

HAHA! I'm thinking... a one up on you! "No... I still do," I reply, "I don't delete people's numbers."

"I changed my phone this week..." he smirks again, "bye bye"

And he turns to ignore me... I'm furious at this point so I put my sunglasses on and I leave... very irrate that the asshole got the last word. Not only that, but apparently friendship is bought with cheap and crappy food... and an immature lifestyle. All in all I decided that I was eventually better than he... and that if I DID commit murder I'd be wasting my life on pond scum.

Still pissed me off though....


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2009-08-25 16:18:18

wow dat sux

MagicalSarai responds:

not so much that... it was just infuriating.


2009-08-25 16:20:30

Persistant chap wasn't he?
That would piss me off, especially if I didn't know them.

MagicalSarai responds:

That he was... and infuriating to the end. I never like cutting ties with people... so it's always on their choice... and it always tends to piss me off...

but what can you do?


2009-08-25 16:56:45

I take a very Zen like approach to life.

You often have to ask yourself what is really worth getting upset over things like that. Whether or not you are being superficial about certain situations and understanding that the common every day drama found in the suburban American lifestyle is nothing compared to the struggles of the ghetto and the oppressive public of certain societies.

I for a very 'down to earth' kinda of guy. So certain things don't concern me as much.

Maybe you should ask yourself the same thing. And redirect your attention to things in your life that really matters.

MagicalSarai responds:

But throwing him in the deep fry grease would have been so much more fun... and made me laugh at the same time.

I see the point you are making, but at the same time I cannot help but get frustrated and angry when people act immaturely. It's a part of my nature, and I don't see any reason to deny it. So long as I'm able to keep it under control and I don't drop to his level... I think I'm good.


2009-08-25 18:10:14


MagicalSarai responds:

Not on his or anyone's life...


2009-08-25 20:42:45

Meh, he's probably well on his way to failing at life and no-one knows it yet.

MagicalSarai responds:

You are quite correct!