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Captain Cupcake - the lizard

2009-08-24 16:44:29 by MagicalSarai

OK... so i'm going to tell another story from my trip out in the countryside. For those of you who care about my thoughts on movies, the review for Julie & Julia is one post back. (enjoy)

Now, before I get into this story, there is something about myself that I feel inclined to explain to you... my readers. I like to name things... no, not just nickname... I like to name everything. I'm quite good at it. For example: my friend's nose twitches every time you touch it. The thing looks like it's dancing. Thus... I named it Ethel. Why? Because of Ethel Murman, the Broadway performer... her dancing looked like twitching and spazzing and it was cute. Anyways... I'm also very good at giving nicknames based upon who the person is. Sometimes I get the name in seconds... sometimes it takes longer... but I'm pretty good at it all around. I like names... it's a science for me.

So, anyhow... while up country... one of the gays thought it would be funny to bring a lizard inside. We're talking a nice... small iguana sized lizard. I thought it was a chameleon at first (because it had different colored scales), but it turned out just to have really COOL coloration. It had a patch of black scales over one eye that looked like an eye-patch. Well... the moment they bring this lizard into the house... it lunges from his hand and onto my arm. I didn't freak out... until the thing started climbing up onto my neck... and then it leapt onto one of the girls sitting at the table.

Chaos insued... but finally, I caught the thing. I couldn't help but draw one conclusion: this lizard was a pirate. What? With the eyepatch and the pillaging and the jumping... PIRATE! This I named him captain cupcake. It was quite funny and everyone agreed with me... except for the lizard, who soundly bit me on the finger and proceeded to run into one of the bedrooms. It took several minutes before we came to the conclusion that not only was Captain Cupcake a pirate lizard... but he was also a spy, because he vanished faster than lizardly possible.

Sharon, the token blonde of our group (only she isn't really blonde, she just thought it would be cool to try the color... she didn't listen to me when I warned her that the dye would affect her brain... oh well!), decided to start calling out the lizard's name... as if it was going to actually come when she called. Oh the lizard came already... like a freaking assasin from above. It landed in her hair, jumped to the floor and ran for the door and I was only too happy to throw the thing out of my house... and promptly pummel my darling friend who was so intelligent enough to bring it inside in the first place.

Thus... the villanous Captain Cupcake is still at large--waiting to pillage and plunder the next group of unsuspecting idiots that pass his way.

Word of the day: Reptile - adjective describing something or someone who is sneaky and tricky in their actions, words or appearance... they shed some part of themselves, being anatomy or personality... be warned. Reptile also means creepy,


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2009-08-24 23:26:33

Haha, You name everything? That's a pretty good talent actually, lol. Captain Cupcake is a bad ass name by the way. Maybe he will come back and visit some day =P

MagicalSarai responds:

It'll be a battle to claim the house if he ever returns. I'm not taking second chances... to the death!! BWahaha!