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Sarai the Critic: Julie & Julia

2009-08-24 16:18:17 by MagicalSarai

Rating: 2.5/5 stars
Reasoning: ok... this movie is... half good... half crap... with a whole buncha hunger thrown in. WARNING: Do not go see this movie when you are hungry! Eat dinner or lunch before hand... because they do nothing but cook and cry throughout this whole ordeal... (well Amy Adams whines a whole bunch). In fact this movie would have been 5 stars if Adams hadn't been in the film at all!! Meryl Streep was PERFECT! She captured her character with flair, but the overall tone of the movie was ruined because Adam's character never seemed to get off the ground.

I was excited and then bored as soon as the time frame and character shifted. Meryle Streep = awesome... Amy Adams = wake me up when Meryle is back on the screen.

All in all it is not a bad movie... well directed, good cinematography... the only problem is that this is the second movie that Amy Adams has appeared in with Meryl Streep and it is the second time that she fails to hold up her end of the acting... I felt like I was in a rehash of Doubt... (where Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep gave Academy Award worthy performances... and Adams was too much of a wuss on screen, her characters have no depth). Adams either needs to pick her game up... or she needs to leave heavy acting to the people who have that ability. As it is right now... she is just showing the world how much of a different plane she is on.

Watching Julie & Julia will be a classic study in the quality of actors... and while you enjoy the food, you can enjoy the iconic lesson: don't bite off more than you can chew, Miss Adams.


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